Ikebana Starter Kit

Slow down with Yucho, an Ikebana flower arrangement starter kit. Yucho in Japanese means to be slow, deliberate, yet leisurely, a key ingredient to a healthy self care practice.

When I think about self care, I think about stillness and intentionality. I’m the sort of person who fills voids in my life with hobbies, projects, and work—often, I dig myself into a pretty stressful hole. Last spring, I picked up the hobby of Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arrangement. This activity by its nature forces deliberation and reflection; I enjoy it because while it allows me to be creative, it also forces me to slow down. Furthermore, the ephemerality of the flowers allows me to enjoy the act of creating something beautiful without getting attached to the outcome. 

Personal Project: Industrial Design, Packaging, Branding, Visualization
Year: 2021